Harry Dowling   Adlerian Psychotherapist, Great Bookham, Surrey, England
I aim in this blog to explore and examine the Adlerian approach to psychotherapy, looking to establish its philosophical roots.

I aim also to examine other approaches, integrating what seems of value to me, opening if possible a respectful dialogue with Depth Psychologists of every school, who are interested in working together.

The language of this blog is obviously English but I can discuss in German, and manage to read Italian too.

The title of this blog is a chapter heading in James Hillman’s Healing Fiction. Hillman was a Jungian who was open to dialogue with Adler.

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  1. David Paeth says:

    Your blog was the 4th of 1,420 occurrences matching the search for:
    [Gemeinschaftsgefűhl altruism].

    (Gemeinschaftsgefűhl will be the topic of a Puget Sound Adlerian Society forum taking place on the night of Nov 4 for which I’m re-familiarizing myself with the term.) I like the entry you wrote in Dec ’13!

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