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The Soul’s Creativity

The Soul as the organ of awareness and action must respond to the impinging demands of the environment. The Soul responds from its particular awareness, limited by its time and place, by its experience and accumulated knowledge and belief. Thus its view of the world, and its view of itself in the world, is bounded, constrained, biased and idiosyncratic. Its response is likewise idiosyncratic.

Both the view of the world and the response are creations of the soul. The Soul is by nature creative. The child-soul creates its causal maps (Gopnik) and its maps of human interactions and relationships. Having done so, it then perceives or interprets the world through these maps.

The client who comes to psychotherapy and counselling brings with him his creation, a life plan elaborated from the causal maps and equipped with ingenious and highly individual strategies for preserving the self value feeling through all its trials.

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