Deciding to Find a Counsellor or Psychotherapist in Surrey
Objections & Doubts about Psychotherapy & Counselling

Harry Dowling, Surrey Counsellor & Psychotherapist
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Courage Needed to Take the First Step

I do not know you or what problem or feeling has brought you to these pages. But some kind of mental or spiritual suffering has led you here. The problem may be large enough to prevent you from living life to the full.

You have come to these pages because you hope to find that things could somehow be different but you hesitate about the next step, contacting a psychotherapist or counsellor.

The Can of Worms

Many would prefer to go on suffering, rather than open a can of worms. In other words: they fear that the problem is more serious, perhaps more shameful, than they could bear to know about. It would seem better to lock it away out of sight. But there is no prospect of being successful in this endeavour. At some level we are aware of all those troubling things that we are avoiding.

If you can summon a small amount of courage and open your can of worms, you will prevail, whether you believe it now or not.

Can Surrey Counselling & Psychotherapy Really Help?

If you are skeptical about the help that I and other psychotherapists and counsellors in Surrey can offer, then I would not wish to persuade you to place blind trust in any guru. You are entitled to be skeptical. We should all be wary of the claims and promises of those who sell us goods or services for it is true that in every field of enterprise there are charlatans and inept practitioners.

By all means bring your skepsis with you into your sessions with me. This is a process in which your critical faculties need to be wide awake. You are seeking the truth about yourself and the world, making use of the counsellor or psychotherapist as a guide. The guide is not an all-knowing guru. The guide is just another human being. If the psychotherapist is not felt by you to be a helpful presence in your quest for truth, you should seek help elsewhere.

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Harry Dowling
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